Dog-Gone It!

2 thoughts on “Dog-Gone It!”

  1. Yikes. You might consult a dog trainer who specializes in this? I would think you could spend a couple of days rewarding her for small steps, like not whining when you disappear behind a door / stay in the bathroom for a few minutes / leave the house and stay outside for a bit / then do those things for longer and longer. You could try getting her a stuffed toy dog for company?

  2. We took her to the vet last night, and after talking through her zero-to-destruction overnight switch, and everything going on around our house, we’ve figured it’s probably the construction site that sprung up out back while we were gone.

    The noise and crane outside our window (now that we’re aware of it) are pretty obviously terrifying her. Combine that with the fact the noises only happen during the day (while we’re at work) and she’s associated us leaving with terrifying noises and a menacing “thing” outside her window.

    So we’ve now got her on anti-anxiety medication (Clonicalm) and are using Dog Appeasing Pheromone, are staying home with her the rest of the week, so she learns that the noises aren’t something to be afraid of, making a few more adjustments around the house (dark curtains so she can’t see the crane) and upping her time with her walker from 2-5 days/week.

    Hopefully those combined will have her set right sooner rather than later.

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