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  1. thanks for posting about this. great to hear you’ve found something that works for you. i’m curious to hear how this plan has affected neil. any change in not just what you’re eating but how you are eating it is bound to have some impact, no? and i hear ya when you say that too many diets/eating plans have you spending less time in the kitchen. i guess that’s great if you don’t like to cook, but when cooking is a hobby that is not something that’s going to keep me committed. do these mini meals actually feel like meals or is it more like you are just snacking all day? i really enjoy sitting down with a meal (instead of standing in front of the fridge and snacking). but i suppose that doing away with that habit likely wouldn’t hurt me!

  2. I’ve played with the “Eating Clean” diet. Seriously, some of the best things I’ve ever done and found works, is the In Defense of Food argument: eat what you want, mostly vegetables.

    I’m watching yeast (tho, mexico will be difficult with that one) and casein at the moment, but other than that I’m working towards just eating BETTER through the year vs eating perfectly through to a short term goal.

    I’ve come to this theory – My body is my body. I get enough (positive) attention from either sex that I’ve simply concerned myself with healthy eating rather than focusing on why I’m not good enough.

    You are going to have a KICK ass time, and if you ever want to do any travel writing, Miss Manifesto is open for you at any time!

    Let’s catch up when you get home, yeah? 😀

  3. @jen Neil’s pretty happy with the plan as well. He hasn’t been quite as strictly into it as I have (since he’s been traveling, and is one of those people who absolutely finds it a hassle to eat every 3 hours) but he does like the food, which makes it easy.

    As for the mini-meals, generally it’s 3 scaled-down squares and 2 or 3 snacks. We definitely still sit down for proper meals.

    @Colleen this really follows the same principles Pollan lays out: eat real food, not too much, mostly plants. It amps things up a bit by revving the metabolism with constant eating and combining protein/veg at every meal. Lots of my protein comes from nuts, seeds, beans, dairy (it’s still light on meat).

    And other than the initial gassy adjustment period as I got used to eating far more fiber, I feel better than I have in a long time. Which is huge.

    And you bet I’ll be collecting notes and pictures; happy to crack a few out for Miss M when I’m home 🙂 We’ll definitely get together in March!

    @A Little Coffee I TOTALLY get what you mean about the eating every 3 hours. I will happily eat all day long. I think that’s one of the reasons this plan works so well for me. I would eat all day anyhow, but hadn’t planned for it. So I’d eat whatever junk I could find in the vending machine or convenience store. Definitely not good for the ass:pants ratio.

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