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  1. I hope you can update or post in the future even a short list of your favourite songs that never fail you, if not for the stats boost (I get hits from people googling for running playlists), but to remember what motivated you when your tastes might shift later on to different songs.

    Here’s my list of solid favourites ( Recently, I’ve added the song that my first marathon organizers decided to play to kick off our 4-hour run: The Killers’ “Mr. Brightside”.

    Hey, great comment-love plugin–I’m going to look for that now.
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  2. Good for you! I totally agree that fall brings on a running vibe. That’s when a lot of marathon training programs start too, so you’ll see tons of running groups out, which is inspiring. Some things that have helped me over the years:
    1) routine – if I get into a routine in terms of times of runs and the route of the run, I find I get annoyed when that’s broken (like if I have dinner plans one night and have to skip a run, I get pissy).
    2) company – I used to think of running as “my time” and was reluctant to run with people, but when I was training for marathons two summers ago, I couldn’t have done it without the group training, and without Jen specifically. Running can be very social, I eventually found that there was a definite limit to how far I could run alone without getting bored. Luckily, I have a dog that’s always willing to keep me company on a run šŸ™‚
    3) public runs (otherwise known as races, but I refuse to race). The goal of having a public run to do is really motivating, but more than that, they’re really fun. Just the energy and atmosphere of a public run is really encouraging and it feels good to be part of the culture. And, you get cool shirts that make it look like you “run” šŸ™‚
    For the record, I’ve never been a fan of interval running. It obviously works for some people, but I find it takes too much awareness to keep starting and stopping, and that I can’t get into a rhythm. So, if you’re finding that the on/offness of intervals isn’t working for you, perhaps just try slowing your jog down and going consistently for awhile. You’ll probably surprise yourself at how long you can go.
    Have fun! I suggest Prince tunes – although they may make you dance instead of run…

  3. I’m with you on the music. I used to listen to audio books or podcasts, but now I run to music, though it’s a different genre than you. My favourite running song these days is a classic: Jimi Hendrix’s “Voodoo Child/Slight Return”.

    Once you get done the Couch to 5K, let me recommend the app. If you pay the $10 for the pro version, you can program a fitness training session and associate it with a particular playlist. Plus it uses GPS to track distance and elevation–all very handy.
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  4. I recently started running, and am up to 5K, three times a week or so. I love it! I agree that the music makes it possible. Once my iPod died at the beginning of a run, and I just headed home instead of finishing without the music.

    Currently I”m running to bpm (beat per minute) music strung together for running. All the music is “indie”. Check out the Jog Tunes Podcast in iTunes, or find the link here:

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