The Darkness

This really isn’t indicative of me as a person – generally I’m pretty upbeat and cheery. However, I often have these fleeting dark and twisted thoughts. Mostly ideas that occur to me, that the little voice inside says “people will think you are awfully troubled if you share that.”

I had another one while driving to work this morning. And I thought it would be a good opportunity to test the little voice’s theory.

First, an observation: The number of stuffed animals, statuettes and doo-dads glued to a person’s dashboard seems to be inversely proportionate to their skill as a driver.

Now, the dark thought.

After being nearly run-into by someone with their entire dashboard plastered with trinkets, I began composing a piece of artwork in my head: A dashboard (view from inside the car) covered in smiling, happy trinkets, which are dripping in blood and joined by the decapitated head of the idiot who, moments before, was driving the car.

It would be a watercolour.

What say ye: lock me up and throw away the key? Or are some of you out there at least a little bit twisted in the same strange way?

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10 thoughts on “The Darkness

  1. Derek K. Miller

    I think we all have ideas like that when we encounter lousy drivers. They can have a trinket blanket on their dashboards, or can be wearing a brimmed hat that barely reaches the height of the top of the steering wheel, or can be chatting away on a phone as they veer back and forth in their lane.
    .-= Derek K. Miller´s last blog ..Scary stuff, kiddies =-.

  2. heather

    oh, geez. that’s nothing. that’s a hello, kitty! thought compared to some of the stuff which runs through my head.

    although, most of my driving darkness includes my visualizing horrific accidents happening right in front of me with my car being sucked into the carnage or driving myself into the concrete barrier just because.

    see? you’re totally normal. 😉

  3. clamb

    I’m always partial to imagining them slamming on the brakes (or into something) and then impaling themselves on the figurines…

  4. Crissy

    I’m not sure that watercolour would be the appropriate medium – doesn’t result in enough drama … go for oil or acrylic! 😀

  5. joann in tx

    been awhile since i’ve visited…i’d say normal, completely normal!
    what person doesn’t have some dark thoughts every now and then? down here in Texas it comes out as Road Rage!

    so, yep you is normal like the rest of us! 🙂

  6. cheesefairy

    I always feel that way about people who have tissue boxes in the back window.

    & I agree w/above commenter that oil or acrylic would be a more…satisfyingly vivid medium.

    IMHO anyone who drives on a semi-regular basis has to think such thoughts. I sometimes picture Hummers exploding.
    .-= cheesefairy´s last blog ..I’m Everywhere You Want To Be =-.

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