Give Back!

4 thoughts on “Give Back!”

  1. HAH! I had a similar issue when I was let got from (coincidentally?) the same place….but, thankfully it wasn’t as bad as I had all my iTunes backed up on to my external drive.

  2. I just had the same experience with Apple last month. Although I feel like it’s stupid that I even had to ask to be able to re-download all the songs I had already purchased, I’m very happy I was able to do so and the Apple customer service people were very helpful.

  3. If any of the iTunes purchased music was DRM-ed (and chances are much of it was), you should also de-authorize all your computers in iTunes and then re-authorize the ones you still have access to (just try to play any DRMed tune to start that). Otherwise your unavailable former work machine will be taking up one of your authorization spots.

  4. Thanks Derek – that computer was taking up one of my auth spots, and I was wondering how to get it off the list. Now it’s all taken care of!

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