Monthly Budget Wrap-Up 2

5 thoughts on “Monthly Budget Wrap-Up 2”

  1. Riann: you’re right – I always forget about the community center.

    Heather: Hah, okay, no, that doesn’t include the MacBook. The MacBook was $1500 (after tax), and is coming out of the March budget.

  2. My way of getting personal training for free is to drop in on fitness classes at my gym. It’s a group setting, but you’re still outsourcing the motivation and thinking parts of your workout to the instructor, and they still push me harder than I tend to push myself. If you’re already paying for a gym membership somewhere that has good fitness classes, then the classes are often free to drop in.

  3. I also use fitness classes as my personal trainer. They are usually difficult enough to me that I get a great workout. I also feel like I am part of a “team” when I do a class — it’s not so lonely. Just Ladie’s fitness has great classes, and many per day, so they fit into my schedule. ($44 per month for membership).

    I also started a budget this month. We are excited to have more control, and less anxiety about our money. I’m ramping-up the savings and trying to spend less. Life seems to be so unpredictable.

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