Monthly Budget Wrap-Up 2

See January Here.

Oh February. For such a short month, you packed a big wallop!

We once again managed to stick within our $1000/month budget. Sortof.

I did manage to sell a computer monitor we had kicking around for $75, and spent that in addition to the $1000. We’ve done the same thing in the past with things like hockey tickets (sell them instead of going to the games, and spend the money on something else). I don’t consider it cheating, to find ways to make more money or use existing resources or sunk costs to supplement our existing budget. Do you? I can see arguments for both sides.

Other than that:

Biggest Fails: First there was that hydro bill, and then there was getting laid off.

Biggest Wins: Thanks to setting up a small savings account with the advice from Xero North Sydney, we had enough money in there to cover the un-budgeted-for Hydro bill (and unexpected expenses are what that account is for), and of course there was that whole getting re-employed almost immediately, and ending up going from planning for a big deficit, to having a nice windfall!

Numbers this month:

Debt paid down in February: $1800.00 Since my last paycheque from the old job comes in at the end of February and counts toward our March budget, and we’ll be past the contribution deadline for RRSP’s for the 2008 tax year, we should see our debt repayment start to really take off next month.

Amount left to go: $19,646.20

Discretionary Spending for the Month: $1075 (including the $40 we “borrowed” against February at the end of January)

Lessons Learned: Getting the news that I was getting laid off was a huge blow. It’s a hard one to escape these days, but knowing it’s common doesn’t make it any less devastating.

Having such a good handle on our budget, and knowing exactly how much money we are spending each month, and where we could immediately cut back and shuffle to make things work took a lot of the immediate pressure off and left me free to wallow with a bit less worry. This whole budgeting exercise has been worth it for that alone.

As soon as I got the news about losing my job, I’d canceled the dog walker and my personal trainer. Now that I’m back working again, I’ve re-instated the dog walker, but I’ve been holding off on the trainer. I really, really enjoyed it, but it was super expensive ($75/week). Unfortunately, “breaking up” with a trainer is like breaking up with a hairdresser. Awkward.

So I’ve just neglected to let the training company know that I’ve found new employment, and I’m trying to find new ideas for getting back to the gym (preferably with a trainer or some sort), under much less expensive circumstances. Who’s got some ideas for me?

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5 thoughts on “Monthly Budget Wrap-Up 2

  1. peechie Post author

    Riann: you’re right – I always forget about the community center.

    Heather: Hah, okay, no, that doesn’t include the MacBook. The MacBook was $1500 (after tax), and is coming out of the March budget.

  2. Laura

    My way of getting personal training for free is to drop in on fitness classes at my gym. It’s a group setting, but you’re still outsourcing the motivation and thinking parts of your workout to the instructor, and they still push me harder than I tend to push myself. If you’re already paying for a gym membership somewhere that has good fitness classes, then the classes are often free to drop in.

  3. airdrie

    I also use fitness classes as my personal trainer. They are usually difficult enough to me that I get a great workout. I also feel like I am part of a “team” when I do a class — it’s not so lonely. Just Ladie’s fitness has great classes, and many per day, so they fit into my schedule. ($44 per month for membership).

    I also started a budget this month. We are excited to have more control, and less anxiety about our money. I’m ramping-up the savings and trying to spend less. Life seems to be so unpredictable.

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