7 thoughts on “Runaway”

  1. I don’t know if Sasha’s any good for going for running, but … my motivation has so far ended up being “Because the dog has to get walked anyway…” 🙂

  2. That usually works for me. However, the dog walker comes on Thursdays, so she’s been out for a great run already today… (though I should really go anyhow, and she’s always up for another run)

  3. Be like Nike and JUST DO IT.

    Then when you lay your head down for the night, you will feel accomplished. Lose the blogging and get ‘er done.

    (ps – you weren’t kidding about the math question, as I put in LMAO to see what would happen. You cheeky gal.)

  4. I think I will have the pleasure of being the first one to introduce you to the art of manipsturbation..and no it’s not about the taboo sex show. My friend came up with this term as a result of manipulating oneself to enjoy doing something less than pleasant. Get some music you DO like, and force yourself to smile and do it…and about 5 mins in, you’ll go “hey..I’m glad I did this”. It’ll be done and you’ll be happy. Reason for doing it: cuz you can.

  5. ok… so here’s the thing that I’ve found REALLY useful with exercise of any kind.

    there is no. such. thing. as willpower. You either DO it or you DON’T DO IT. You simply have to make the decision to DO it. There’s no reason for you NOT to go run. I go thru this EVER time I don’t want to go work out – Are you hurt? no. Are you really sick? nope. Are you dying? nope. why don’t you want to go? ok, so your iPod battery is almost dead. will that be the end of the world? nope. so, you know what, GO. You can go. There’s no *reason* (not excuse) *not* to go, cept you don’t wanna. just GO. you’ll feel better cuz you went.

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