We’re In!

So we’ve officially moved in to the new place! A few notes:

Floor to (8.75′) ceiling windows around two sides means it’s a lot colder than the old place. I consider the higher heat bill my fee for the view, which is lovely.

I have an additional piece of motivation to get rid of the old couch posthaste: it’s too damned long. Thankfully, some friends are upgrading their couch this week, so we’ll be the lucky recipients of their old couch until we get a new one.

I have no idea where anything is. The layout is much better here, but very, very different – so I really don’t know where anything is. I also get turned around and walk into the wrong bedroom a lot of the time, wondering how I got there when I meant to end up somewhere else.

Full-capacity (instead of apartment sized) laundry machines are a gift straight from heaven.

Those “skinny” integrated slide-out hood fans may look sleeker than traditional hood-fans at first glance, but all they do is move the big assembly piece inside your cupboard over the stove, making it useless for actually storing anything.

Despite the install video for Rubbermaid Closet Configurations only being about 10 minutes long, the actual set takes a lot longer than that to install. Like, 9 times longer. With 500% more cursing. At least it did for us. Most of that time is spent measuring, leveling and drilling. Also complicating matters is standing up on chairs so we can reach the 86.5″ mounting height.

The dog is highly disconcerted. All the right “stuff” is in the wrong place. She seems to be slowly settling down. It’s awfully funny watching her get used to the hardwood floors though – she either walks very carefully, like she’s trying to pass a roadside sobriety test, or slip-slides around corners.

When everyone is moving into a new building with hardwood floors located above a London Drugs, the London Drugs will instantly be sold-out of those felt-pads for your furniture legs, and wood cleaner.

I am completely enamored with our Jewish Oven. I hope I don’t go to hell for making a heathen chicken in it this weekend…

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2 thoughts on “We’re In!

  1. donna

    After, what, 6 months of living with hardwood floors (and I know she had ’em in her previous place as well) you’d think that Justice would be used to them by now. She’s not. She STILL can’t sit on them properly, and when she tries, her butt slides out. It’s very cute watching her desperately trying to maintain a dignified sit and then having to scrabble her legs around when she slides too far. 🙂

  2. erin

    I am in the middle of a love affair with a new line of cleaning products called “Method.” I mention it because a) it is available at London Drugs and b) they have a special cleaner for wood floors. It’s like a Swiffer but with compostable dry cloths and a washable one for when using the liquid cleaner.

    And the reason I love it so much is because it is environmental, not tested on animals, not expensive, smells yummy, and it works!

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