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  1. Denver?

    EEEEEE!! *hopes hopes hopes*

    I’d have to see pictures of said shoes on thy dainty toesies to make a for sure suggestion, but really… red soles? How awesome.

  2. Although this is coming from someone whose biggest shoe dilemma is whether to wear my sneakers today or the $25 Walmart flats, I have to agree with Oana, the red soles scream to be worn..go with the Louboutins..they are super cute!

  3. Seems a shame to take a European honeymoon and not pop in to the UK at the same time though……promise not to throw a strop if you do! Red soles do seem rather a cheeky idea with a wedding dress, I vote Louboutins too

  4. Speaking from personal experience I say, when you are spending that much money on shoes, go for the ones you’ll get the most wear out of. I bought a gorgeous pair of Jimmy Choo’s but because they are more resort style than everyday shoes I don’t find many occasions to wear them. On the other hand, it’s your wedding and you should look and feel better than ever before so my advice probably doesn’t apply in this situation. 🙂

  5. I’m definitely much more rested this year than last year. But the year is young, how long can this last? 😉

    Definitely the Louboutins if you went with the sexy dress 🙂

  6. Yah, I’m leaning strongly toward the Louboutins. Our colours are greens, browns and creams (sorta like the Tofino forest) with punches of red – so I really feel like it’s too perfect and I can’t not get them.

  7. God. I have *no* idea about shoes. I think I’ve heard about Manolos? (did I even spell that right?) This girl ain’t a fashionista, I’m afraid.

    2008 is going to be one spectacular year for me!! HOLY. Starts off with me meeting the rest of my biological family (err, most of one side, anyhow) NEXT WEEKEND! How cool is that? They are such amazing souls. One uncle is actually a mayor in Alberta! Neat.

    I hope your year ahead is as awesome, or more so, as it sounds like it will be… 😉

  8. Gak! I have just come to terms with the practice of spending more than $40 on a pair of shoes. Your conundrum is foreign to me. Red soles sound awesome, but I throw my hat into the ring that is the most comfortable. I changed into flip-flops the moment pictures were done with, but at least they were white with sequins 🙂

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