End of an Era

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  1. This happened to me too, a few years ago. I was sick for months before I figured it out. I didn’t drink coffee for a long time and now stick to lattes (it seems the milk makes it easier on my stomach).

  2. This year I started drinking coffee now and again but immediately started having gastro issues from it. I can sort of get away with it if drinking it with a big meal, but I never seem to want to have coffee with food.

    I hope you sort the stomach troubles. I’ve had bad periods now and again for a few years, but recently found out that it’s pretty much 90% stress-related, 10% food-related. So as you try to figure things out, look at it from various angles, you never know.

  3. OMG I had no idea you were feeling that sick all of the time! That totally blows! You’re a pretty tough cookie to keep up as much activity as you have been.

    *hugs* hopefully you won’t have to give up on the wine. But if you do, I promise I won’t drink in front of you. And we can change that idea for the thing I was telling you and Neil about, to something not involving wine.

  4. You might try getting a blood test for Celiac disease (basically a gleuten intolerance). My mom has it, and she’s been told it commonly flares up in the late 20’s early 30’s. Just a thought.

  5. Maybe it’s the kind of coffee you’re drinking? I loves my timmies’ and treats me right. However, if I drink the swill from across the road here (Shitty deli that serves “Van Houtte”,) the end result is not pretty.

    I don’t know how I’d deal with mornings, sans cafe.

    You’re a stronger person than I am if you get through this.

    Oh yeah, hi!


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