Transportation Situation

Oh gentle readers, I am stymied!

Neil and I are heading off on a canoeing trip next week, and are trying to figure out exactly how we’re going to get from Point A to Point B with as little hassle and expense as possible.

I’m convinced there must be a reasonable way to execute the plan – but I’ll be damned if I can figure it out! So I thought I’d turn to y’all and see if the collective Watercooler readership is smarter than I am (which I figure is highly likely).

Here are the details:

We must get from our apartment in Kitsilano to the Horseshoe Bay ferry terminal with ourselves, 2 backpacks, 1 suitcase and the dog.

–> A taxi is going to be about $60 – I know it’s a long-ass ride, but it seems like there must be a better option

–> We can’t take the bus with the dog (unless someone knows some dog/bus-fu they can share? At 75lbs she is just slightly too big to stuff in a carrier and haul onboard)

–> We could get a co-op car (round trip costs about $30), but one of us would have to return it to its original location, then bus back to the ferry (probably 4 hours of driving/bussing all together – and our time is worth a LOT more than the cab-fare to avoid that)

–> Renting a car and paying to leave it at the ferry terminal for a week is just dumb and far more expensive than $120 in taxi rides. Can you do a 1-way rental from Vancouver to West Vancouver?

–> We can’t think of any friends that live nearby who
a) have cars or access to cars;
b) are available midday on a Wednesday;
c) are in town next Wednesday;
d) would willingly drive from our house to Horseshoe Bay and back for the price of gas and a bottle of wine.
(If you are such a friend, please let us know – we haven’t asked because we didn’t want to impose!)

And that is about where we left off.

Anyone out there have any brilliant ideas, or are looking for something to do next Wednesday midday?

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3 thoughts on “Transportation Situation

  1. Sue

    Damn. I wish I wasn’t going to be looking after a coneheaded alien child that day (probably). I would totally drive you.

  2. peechie Post author

    If you weren’t about to relocate the spawn from inside to outside we’d have totally asked you 🙂

    But! Thankfully someone else has offered to drive, so we’re covered.

    Though I’m still interested in knowing if anyone else has any brilliant ideas, in case this comes up again!

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