How do you shave a Minotaur?

A collection of random things, because I am seriously all out of drama for this week.

I’m typing up a fact sheet and for some reason, my brain thought “Monitoring” and my fingers output “Minotauring” – because it’s important you get all your half-man/half-bull needs taken care of.

We were supposed to be moving this month. Our condo is not finished yet (thus far the estimate is still December). This makes me very sad. Not because I want the penthouse views or better layout or hardwood floors. No – because I HATE the countertops here. They are all super porous laminate that stains like a mofo. The kitchen counters are splotched with red wine, coffee and other mystery stains. Know what the bathroom counter has absorbed? Smells. Including the smell of wet, nasty dog from the skunk incident last week. The new place has granite. And a damn dog-washing station in the parkade level, so she doesn’t have to shake all over our bathroom.

Three words that made my day: Man Eating Badgers.

I have taken to going outside and caressing our monster tomato plant, just because then my hands will smell like tomato plant – which is, as far as I’m concerned, one of the best smells in the world.

Remember the awesomeness that is the Bodygroom and the campaign? They’re back! This time with the Story of Sack! Now that the sun’s come out, are you beach ready?

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2 thoughts on “How do you shave a Minotaur?

  1. colleen

    re the countertops: go get fantastic with bleach, spray it on and leave it for a bit. we have those same annoying countertops and the ONLY thing that got them clean is fantastic with bleach. not as eco-friendly as method but it’ll do the trick. might also work on the bathroom smells too. worth a shot at least.

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