Back in the Saddle

So, work.

I forgot how much I missed it.


Stop laughing.

Really though, I work with a really great group of people and get to deal with a product that I’m actually interested in and care about.

Strangely enough, I’m also socially connected by 1 degree to a few people in the company – it’s strange, but nice to know that these people are actually “my people” (or more accurately, the people of my people).

Speaking of “people” – if you’d like to be one of the people, we’re on a crazy hiring spree at the moment as well. If you are, or know of someone looking for work as a C or .NET developer, or an Office Manager (must be able to do payroll and that other “office managery” stuff like ordering supplies, etc.) then drop me a line – jenATthisdomainDOTcom. I’ll fill you in on the deets. Also, you’d get to work with me, and how much fun would that be?

Unfortunately, what I’ve been doing most of this week is slightly less than exciting. I’ve been reading a LOT of background material and getting myself settled in. Upside: the company is moving into a downtown office space at the end of the month and everyone is still working from home – so most of the reading (on days when I don’t have meetings) is being done sans pants. Which is awesome for me, but not so much for you, because I don’t leave the house often enough to find adventure to blog about.

Hopefully when I’m working a full 40-hour-pants-on week I’ll have more tales of tomfoolery and office hyjinx to share with you.

Until then, I’ll leave off with telling you that I’ll be doing some travel for this job – I already know I’ll want noise-canceling headphones, but which ones to buy, and what else will I need?

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4 thoughts on “Back in the Saddle

  1. colleen

    the Shure E2c’s are really good. Go to Tom Lee and go to the back of the store. They’ve got them for about $89 vs London Drugs price of about $129.

    I LOVE them for flights. depending on where you’re going you might always want to bring some Emergen-C (health food stores) and a travel electrical converter and adapter set.

  2. peechie Post author

    Great suggestion, thanks! And this will be North American travel for the most part – so power will be the same, though I should keep the old honeymoon in mind where I’ll need EU (and Heathrow security) compatible stuff as well.

  3. erin

    I bought JVC headphones that are like earplugs – you squish them and put them in your ears and then they expand and block sound. They also come in lots of fabulous colours, which was one of the selling points, I admit.

    However, although they did a remarkable job at blocking outside noise so that I could listen to my music at a decent level rather than blasting it, they broke while I was on my Europe trip. I dunno if I was too rough with them in my purse or if they just suck, but I’m going to not recommend them, just in case.

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