One Week

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  1. yes it’s a poor interface and thankfully this fad will pass in a few short years just like every other one.

    in the meantime i presume you’re on there for the same reason i am: just to avoid being antisocial in turning down invitations from people you like.

  2. Yes it’s a poor interface. Thankfully this fad ought to pass in a few years just like every other site like it.

    It sounds like you’re on there for the same reason i am: to avoid being rude to people whom you like & send you invitations.

  3. That’s pretty much it. And to see what the hype is about.

    I’m guessing after I finish fiddling about with it this week, it’ll lay mostly dormant.


    That’s where you add multiple email addresses.

    I actually think Facebook has the best interface of all the social networking sites I’ve been on. Friendster, MySpace, all of those places didn’t even hold my attention for 30 seconds (heh, I couldn’t figure out how to find my own damn profile in MySpace, as an example of that).

    Facebook feels really intuitive for me and has already proved itself useful. I’ve reconnected with some old friends, found out about events I would not have found out about (this is the kicker for me, actually), made it easier for me to harass my baby brother, etc.

    Okay, time to get back onto Facebook. *laugh*

  5. Perhaps I’m just blind, but that “Add/Remove Emails” link just leads me to the same place, where I can *change* my email address, or add school/work addresses for new networks.

    I want the SAME network, with multiple addresses.

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