The Best Part Of Paddling

3 thoughts on “The Best Part Of Paddling”

  1. Make sure you put bug spray on your hands if you’re portaging. They will be exposed and you won’t be able to smack any mosquitoes if you’re holding a canoe.

  2. It’s good to pack your food in a meal-by-meal way. And label the bags (like breakfast, day 1, etc). You can bring things like hardboiled eggs for the first day or two, and cheese for the first day (before it goes off). MEC has really expensive but yummy dehydrated meals. Bring your own pancake mix for breakie. Also, bring lots of rope (to hang up your food bag at night) and remember the rope might break, so bring extra. waterproof all your food and tents/sleeping bags with rubber baja bags. last tip-pack as light as possible!

  3. If your canoeing remember spare paddles and raingear, try some small day(s) trips to get your body used to paddleing.
    food: instant oatmeal, trail mix, beer, dehydrated food is good but too much you will be soo sick of it, gatorade for drink, 100% whey protein (can be mixed with water), granola bars, instant soup, mr noodles all are good light wieght foods.

    Best tip for portageing would be to get some wheels to use it will save carrying and you can leave your gear in the canoe. hope you have fun,

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