One thought on “Homebody”

  1. Good luck on the job hunt.

    As someone who was unemployed myself for 3 months this time last year, make sure you do enjoy the “layoff”. That being said, it can be reaaaaallly easy to sit and read blogs all day! 🙂

    So the most I can recommend is
    1) don’t feel guilty about reading a new book allll day. Or catching up on those “bunch of things” you’ve been meaning to do/or sell. (Craigslist rocks.)

    2) “Finding a job” thing can take a lot more time that I thought it would during the day. I applied for a bunch of similar but different jobs with different skillsets. Hence, I would almost spend a full workday tailoring a resume and prepping for interviews. Waking up early in the day helps. Especially when the significant other has been wondering why you’ve been home all day and the apartment is still not cleaned.

    And enjoy that sunny spring weather when it comes around!

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