A Year Ago

One year and one week ago I had sworn off dating all together, and was looking forward to my upcoming trip to the Carribean, where I planned to get into all sorts of trouble in the name of being single and awesome.

One year and six days ago one of my best friends told me that my Ridiculously High Standards had inspired a single male acquaintance of hers to inquire about a date with me.

One year and two days ago I got an email in my inbox containing the following:

I’ve been reading your blog for a while — Chris might have mentioned
it at work once, and it has a memorable URL that makes me giggle, so
I kept typing it in. I always enjoy reading your posts, but the ones
that make me laugh the longest and hardest are the ones about your
disastrous dates. I love them! I love the detail, and the
storytelling is spot on.

So anyway, the whole RHS topic made me think: I wouldn’t stand a
*chance* with you! I’m awful to date. Then I started laughing,
because at least I’d be able to read about it and laugh at how awful
it was from *your* point of view….

Well. There we are. I phoned her tonight to ask how to contact you,
and she gave me this email address. Perhaps you’d like to phone me,
and we can arrange a blog post of our own?

One year ago tomorrow I went on my last date. I had no idea it would be the last one at the time. I only agreed to go on the pre-vacation date at all, because I figured it would NEVER work out, and would at least give me a bit more blog content before I left on a jet plane (which I never actually did write about – ironic, non?). How firmly convinced was I that nothing would come of the date? I didn’t even wax my eyebrows. There’s a picture hanging in our bedroom taken the day after that date reminding me of such, with my horrible eyebrow stubble.

And now, one year from today, we’ll be husband and wife. How cool is that?

Happy Anniversary Baby – I love you like mad, and can’t imagine life any other way.

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6 thoughts on “A Year Ago

  1. Gwen

    It’s really awesome to look at life in manageable year-sized chunks and see how things have changed so much. That email is a great souvenir – and such a sign of the times how we can hook up these days. =P

  2. mark

    EYEBROW STUBBLE? GROSS! One more thing to add to MY list that I probably never would have noticed if you hadn’t mentioned it… now I’m going to be staring at everyone’s eyebrows from now on… thanks :p

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