Notes on Oxford So Far

I am frightfully hungover today. So random sentences will have to suffice.

Oxford is old and beautiful. Our hotel has a tiny, crazy lift and when we took it, the desk man said “it looks old, but it’s very reliable – best you can get for a 14th century building!” Being from the City of Glass, where everything old is just… old and gets torn down, I’m still having trouble processing the fact that things that old not only exist, but are the norm.

Best daytime stop so far? Blackwell’s books. Incredible. Amazing. I would like to live there please.

Best nighttime stop? The Zodiac. Holds the well-deserved title of Best live music venue in Oxfordshire. Saw The New York Fund (awesome), The Checks (not-at-all-awesome), and The Hold Steady (loud, drunk, energetic and quite good!).

Danger Will Robinson: I ducked into a pub yesterday to escape from the rain for a few minutes at about 3:30pm… and just…. didn’t leave. I made friends with some locals (pictures forthcoming), had a wonderful Sunday Roast, drank LOTS of Strongbow and realized this morning that my training efforts completely failed me.

Newsworthy things here today: A huge train derailment that killed an 86-year-old woman and injured many others, and a bomb attempt at one of the Oxford colleges by the Animal Liberation Front, protesting the use of animals in research. Neither of those affected me a whit (I’ve not taken the train yet, and most of the colleges aren’t open to the public) – but they’ve been on the beeb all damn day, so I figured I’d mention them.

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