In Training

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  1. Yeah, looks like I’ll have to do my own training session too. I’m going over in October, and the last thing I want to do is put the family to shame by my 2-pint drunkenness at my cousin’s wedding.

    I’m sure Sean’ll love the training, not only as a drinking partner, but also because I get horny when I’m drunk.

  2. Drinking is a sport, and to be good at sport you have to practice. of course, I say this being out of practice myself.

    However, due to the extreme amount of, uhh, practice I went through during the “glory days” at the dive shop, my out-of-practice is still roughly 1.5x mere mortals in-practice chops. Witness the entire bottle of Jager we polished off (four of us in an hour, and THEN went to the wedding) for a good example 🙂

  3. The drugs I’m on for my nerve injury “may increase the effects of alcohol.” Combined with spending three weeks in a no alcohol environment and losing about 10 lbs has seriously hampered my tolerance.

  4. Ha! Every time the hubby and I are planning to go to Europe, we start “preparing” well ahead of time – in other words, we consume much alcohol on a very regular basis. 😀

    As we’re Euro-bound again in May, we’re starting to gear up again. Bring on the Belgian beer!!!

    Good luck!


  5. Are not!! Total stereotype! Although stay away from Newcastle.. Its Statistically the loudest and drunkest city over here.

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