9 thoughts on “Authentic”

  1. I think it’s your sense of humour and your ability to tell stories – to take the everyday & seemingly mundane and make it hilarious or even just a little bit more interesting.

    It’s either that or your great ass 😉

  2. I think your unique ability is to do a tequila shot with every* person who arrives at your party.

    *limit 10 – exceeding limit may be hazardous.

  3. I think it’s your ability to connect with your readers. Since I first started reading your blog I’ve always thought you seemed like the kind of person I’d be friends with.

  4. I think your unique ability is to cover stories (like your Vonage post or how-tos) comprehensively without lecturing or boring.

    On the other hand, some of the Watkiss/Wiederick household moments miss, in my opinion. It’s like you’re sharing inside jokes that are only half as funny or poignant to your audience than they are to you.

    Just an opinion. =) It will always be your blog and your choice first.

  5. When I read you I think of you as *real*, a person I could see myself being friends with as Courtney said. Also I think you sound fun. I used to live on the Mainland (but now back on V-Island) and enjoy hearing the adventures of places that are familiar to me.

  6. I’ve been stopping by since ‘movable peechie’ and there is something about the way you tell a story that keeps me coming back. Your sense of humor and wit are what make this blog readable. I’ll agree with your statement about the content…but that is the nature of blogging. Keep making us laugh.

  7. Blog-wise, I think you have a unique voice in your posts that is inimitable and very fun to read. You’re consistent in your tone and in your candor.

    When it comes to offline, I think you are a good listener and are able to empathize with people and make them feel comfortable talking to you. You listen with an open mind. That’s a gift.

  8. I have to say that your unique ability is to make something fairly ho-hum and blah into something amusing and interesting that can be presented to the world. Look at what you’ve done with Neil!

    If you get really stuck for interesting blog posts, you could always make a second installment of blog jeopardy.

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