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  1. My credit card was recently (and fraudulently) used for a $970 wire transfer in London, Ontario. BMO quickly cancelled my card, but they didn’t actually contact me to tell me this. I had to get declined while buying groceries, then get booted out when trying to access my account online, then call customer service before I found anything out. It sounds like your Credit Union is a bit friendlier.

  2. i had my bank card skimmed last year but luckily they didn’t get my pin. i got a call one saturday morning asking if had used my card earlier. i had just woken up so obviously i hadn’t.

  3. I hope your credit union is crediting your account for the charges you didn’t make?

    My husband ran into a skimming problem a month ago, but it was because he was trying to purchase something that was a higher amount than he normally charges, so they delined and cancelled him on the spot. Lucky I was there with my cc to save the day, since we generally use mine to book vacations so I charge more to mine. šŸ™‚

  4. Indeed, I won’t be charged for any of the debits that weren’t mine, or any interest or service charges for being in a negative balance when the fiends first tapped my account.

  5. Hey Jen!

    Rarely get to hit your site – but none the less checked it out to see this! How Crappy! I work for RBC and have seen this happen a few times. Generally the bank catches onto this activity fairly quickly and they are able to protect their clients because of that. Oddly enough it has nothing to do with the pin number… I would say that the card reader in the door or the actual ATM would be the target as they can stick a card reader in fairly quickly. Alot of banks have caught onto this so they have revamped the set up of their machines so that these creeps can’t do this. We saw a bunch of people get hit at a bar close to the branch I work at through one of those generic ATM machines. I use cash a lot more now because of the fact that my eyes have been opened. It is very wise though, that your limit is capped at $500.00. It’s because of this (and the empty envelope if that’s what they did) that your CU was able to catch on… their operations support staff would have caught on as they would get an over limit report and tend to it. SOO many people complain about having limits on their accounts b/c “it’s my money and I wanna spend it…” (justified…) and once I explain why we do that they tend to back down, so my advice to you and your readers… keep it capped people and reconcile your accts regularily as these creeps are getting smarter and smarter. (I could go on for hours…) Take Care and congrats on your engagement. Sorry so late. Missed you at Yoga with Jen and Mel last sunday – should do it again sometime and we can all do brunch!


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