Missed Missed Connection

I’m surprised I haven’t seen this on Craigslist yet, so I figured I’d put it here myself.

You: Hot, short-haired girl in grey slacks, black pumps and a black sweater, carrying take-out across the intersection of Broadway at Oak.

Me: Dude on the bus stopped at the intersection.

That was a pretty fantastic trip you took, getting the pointy toe of your shoe caught in the opening of your opposite pant leg. Even more fantastic was the fact that you managed to not quite fall on your face, or spill your sushi.

Nice recovery. Drinks?

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3 thoughts on “Missed Missed Connection

  1. peechie Post author

    No no – nobody posted that they saw me flail and almost fall down the other day – so I figured I’d post what the missed connection ad would look like if they had.

  2. joann

    be thankful you didn’t fall…last time i tripped and did fall i felt like a truck hit me the next day.

    falling and jarring the body is no fun, as well as embarrassing! LOL!

    good ad tho!

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