Wax on, Wax off.

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  1. This post was priceless especially since I wasn’t reading back when you made the other posts.
    Though I would never go looking for this information myself, it was a very informative and interesting read!

  2. Indeed, very informative. I’m reminded me of this video. If you watch through the end, I believe you’ll see the male video director getting waxed as well. Believe it or not, it’s safe for work, too.

  3. A comment from my personal peanut gallery: “why do women do these things to themselves?” My comment: “Ditto!”

    Girl, you are twice the man I am. Err.. that’s meant to be a compliment, I swear.

  4. Nice. I’ve never put that much thought into it… just a few key points (as mentioned). I make sure the hair is long enough (as you usually need for a wax), wear comfy pants (commando) and live on aloe for the rest of the day (so cooool on the skin). Never had to result to painkillers or anything extreme. Takes about a day to “recover”

    I always hear the same thing “your husband is very lucky”. I’ll have to check back here to see if you get any tips on where my “lucky guy” can get done too :p

  5. I have no interest in the full brazillian, but I’ve gotten a french done a few times. Your description of the french is a bit inaccurate — it’s more like a regular bikini, but an inch or so further in. Think underwear styles: A bikini wax will remove what’s revealed in bikini style underwear. French removes what’s revealed in french style underwear.

    As for a brazillian… well, my theory is that brazillian women simply don’t wear undies. 🙂

    Oddly, I found the french didn’t hurt too much. I mean, it’s certainly not *comfortable*, or something I plan for days when I want to have fun, but I slop some lotion on, and it’s reasonably good. I’m not a regular maintainer either, and I haven’t found any problem with only going when I feel like it. YMMV, of course.

  6. You didn’t mention the problems with ingrown hairs after waxing! I finally had enough of that annoyance that I opted for laser hair removal. 4 treatments and I’m now permanantly smooth and clean!

  7. i get brazilian, all or nothing. the place i go to is ocean breeze spa in yaletown. very affordable, and it doesn’t really quality as a spa, but the woman there is persian and knows what she’s doing. i’m never there for more than 10 minutes. and honestly, i’ve never had to dress any different because i don’t feel any different going in than coming out.. she’s really that good.
    oh did i say it’s $30?

  8. i have gotten waxed once, and shaved once at a day spa. i found the experience to be interesting both naughty and erotic at the same time. i deffinantly love the feel of being smooth and bare

  9. I’m going in for the first time Saturday. You’ve made it far less scary. It kinda makes me laugh that the prices say “Brazilian Wax Starting at: $65.00”. I’d be offended if my cooch was so horrible to tame and/or look at, I was beyond the “starting at” price. God please let it just be $65.00 bucks…I want to leave hairless, but I want my dignity in tact please.

  10. I shutter to think that a waxing specalist would be as close to my nether regions as my OB/GYN and yet only get a 10-15% tip, my doctor is getting hunreds of dollars to go their and the least I could do is give a great damn tip. I would hate to be an average tipper after they have gone “their” and then sign up to go back in 4-6 weeks, that may be a painful second experience. I have been to a salon where bikini wax started $25 and a brizilian at $40, I could never leave the poor girl $2.50, I always give atleast $10, they are in my hoozy for pete’s sakes. Just my thought.

  11. I am going for my first bikini wax. I have very sensitive skin and find that shaving never gives me great results and I always end up with ingrown hairs, which become infected, and often turn into small knots. Heres hoping that waxing will hinder some of these probs. Thanks for your site…i got much needed info on etiquette and prepping.

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