Ouch in my Pants

8 thoughts on “Ouch in my Pants”

  1. hahaha i wanted to see what it looks like iuno why….no im not a pervert but do they actually mean like a thin strip of hair…like going…down??? thats um…..unique…i remeber in 4th grade where my teacher told us hair was to keep us warm and then someone asked is pubic hair for that too??…yes wonderful moment….

  2. Sue: The great forces that created us as humans put hair there when we were all running around naked and eating bugs. Peechie’s just cheating/getting ahead of evolution 😉

  3. good on you, peechie. having hair down there is a tragedy, in my eyes. 😀

    if i could, i’d get rid of it all permanently.

  4. Why? WHY I say?

    THe great forces that created us as humans put hair there. For a reason, I’m sure. Why go messing with a good thing?

  5. curious, what made ya decide to do the brazilian wax? and isn’t the brazilian wax where ALL the hair is gone..you dont even get a landing strip?

  6. Hmm…this is encouraging. I had just a regular bikini wax done a little while ago, and I don’t think it hurt much at all. Maybe the whole shebang* won’t be so bad after all.

    *What a horrible word! Mental images of Ricky Martin and/or strap-ons. hehe :p

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