Since nonameyet asked…

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  1. I’m a big fan of no hair down there in the first place – although I do leave a “landing strip” because I don’t want to look 12. I figured a brazilian might be a more efficient way to achieve that look without the near daily maintenance, and the in-shower contortion act.

  2. why did you do this in the first place? what’s wrong with the straight up bikini wax? if your answer has to do with wearing a thong to the beach maybe then i’d understand, but hardly. (i’ve never had any problems with standard bikini waxes – but i would never go so bare as the brazilian)

  3. fucking priceless peechie.

    you speak for all (normal) women here and your voice needs to be heard loud and clear. (and so i’ve shamelessly stolen your content… mmmkay?)

  4. Couple of things i’ve heard of that work exceedingly well: hemorrhoid cream (shrinks swollen tissues?). Alternately, baby cream. Apparently they’re increadibly soothing to that particular area when you do strange things to it.

    Just somthing i picked up here and there.

  5. eep! Guess I wont do it then !!

    I have such ‘sensitive’ girl bits…

    Good heavens hon, i’m sorry you’re suffering.

  6. I’ve definitely used the cream before after shaving the bikini line, and it’s worked like a charm. But the difference between the levels of damage that have been done are like comparing throwing a baseball through a window, to 9/11.

  7. have you considered that you might actually be having an allergic reaction to the lidocane creme ? Have you used this stuff before ?

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