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  1. Oh, and in case anyone was wondering – because I know you’re *so* interested – My personal diet philosophy is to try and eat healthy and stay active, and if my pants start getting too tight, it’s time to stop eating ice cream dinners, and eat a few more veggies.

  2. i’m not going to go into detail about it here, but if you want to call me or email me i’ll chat with you about it….
    …. i’m on a modified version of atkins. i researched it for four months before committing to it (by consulting kinesiology majors, doctors, and people who had been on it) and got the enthusiastic approval of my own doctor. it’s working fantastically for me. i’ve lost 25lbs so far, and my bf has lost nearly 30. we started may 6th. there are a _lot_ of myths about it (some of which i’ve seen in this post), and it is definitely not for everyone. let me know if you want more info.

  3. It’s always a woman who comes in with a starbucks frap that wants the atkins book. I feel like smacking her with the book instead and telling her that her first clue should be to stop drinking sugary drinks!

    I lost weight by just eating more fruits & veggies and cutting down the fatty, sugary foods. Depriving yourself of something isn’t good, just do everything in moderation. And definitely exercise & lifting weights. That helps round everything else out.

  4. Your brain burns ONLY carbs… when you cut them out totally, the first result is what you got.. a headache. For extended periods of time the body compensates in other ways, but the Atikins route is really not that great for your body…

    It’s all about moderation. Cut back on refined sugar and simple carbs (like rice and white bread) and start eating lots of veggies and whole grains, and you’ll see a dramatic difference.

  5. I found lowering my intake of carbs and dairy helped loads, but it still comes down to hard work. I said “lowering”, not “eradicating” btw 😉 But ya, like p said, it has to be a life decision in order to work. And imho, it’s NOT about what the weighscale says, but how your body/mind speak that’s important.

    FYI: the more muscle one has, the faster the body metabolises fat. this is why those first pounds are brutally hard to drop, but they start dropping faster provided one continues to exercise.

  6. diets alone always seem stupid to me. wouldn’t the weight just come back once you stopped the diet and went back to eating normally? i can’t see JUST eating proteins for the rest of your natural life being all that healthy. i think sticking to eating habits were you eat some healthy meals and some “fuck diets, i love this food” meals is the only way to go, as long you’re exercising a lot. i think people are just lazy and eager to jump on the latest fad diet. anything to keep them from actually working to lose weight and be healthy.

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