50 First Dates

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  1. Haha – I suppose you could say something like that. But hey, would you take advice from the guy who bought a house with his stock market earnings, or the one who lost his house doing the same?

  2. Heh. Man, I’m sure glad that I haven’t been on a first date since high school – and that was my only one ever πŸ™‚

    Also, I haven’t eaten at any of the restaurants that you recommend (barring Earlstone’s Club). I should check at least one of them out sometime when I’m not a starving wedding-planning student.

  3. It’s totally possible to enjoy some of them on a fairly limited budget… well.. depending on where your limit lies.

    You could definitely do Chambar, Cardero’s or Joe Fortes for about $25-30pp if you share an appy and dessert, and don’t go overboard ordering drinks. Their pricing really isn’t more than anything you’d find at Earlstone’s Club.

    Tojos is more expensive than the corner sushi joint, but pretty do-able as well.

    And I do believe Cru, Cin Cin and Gotham all participate in Dine Out Vancouver in Jan/Feb, where you can do 3 courses for $25 or $35pp.

  4. Well, Financial Guru David Bach says “if you really can’t save more money, it’s time to make more money.”

    Perhaps a little “special treatment” to the boss will garner a raise for both of you?

  5. Heh. Saving money’s not our problem – we just don’t consider “eating out” to be saving money πŸ˜‰

    Special treatment, eh? You’d think the birthday shot would be enough πŸ˜‰

  6. Ms. Date Doctor, I am TOTALLY confused. So, the asker does the paying, right? But what if the guy asks… and then waits to see if the girl makes a move towards her handbag? Can he judge her for not offering to pay half, if it’s usually the rule that the asker does the paying?

    I am *SO* freaking glad I don’t have to worry about this shit anymore!

  7. a meal on a first date lets you know right away if the person talks with food in their mouth or chews with their mouth open. this does not bode well for future in-laws, which may very well be… a pack of wolves.

  8. Sue: it’s all about appearing to have some semblance of decorum. Yes it’s generally standard that the asker does the paying, but a gracious recipient will not assume that their host will cover the bill.

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