I am nonspecifically cranky.

Perhaps it’s the mountain of unfolded laundry.

Perhaps it’s the state of mess this place is in (a product, I should note, significantly of my own doing).

Perhaps it’s stress from the amount of change I’ve experienced over the past few weeks.

Perhaps it’s a side effect of the headache I’ve had for a couple days with no discernable cause or cure (so far it doesn’t respond to treatments for hangover, dehydration, eye strain or musculoskeletal ailments – or Advil for that matter).

Perhaps it’s the fact that I’m pretty damn hungry, and totally uninspired by and uninterested in eating any food that’s readily accessible (read: in the fridge or cupboards) or procuring more.

Perhaps it’s because the level of dog hair in my world surpassed what I’d call critical mass a looooooong time ago.

Whatever it is, I’d certainly like it to go away now, or at least come up with a clear direction so I could stop with the nonspecific ramblings.

At least so far it’s provided me with another day of content.

Tomorrow: either more bitching, or something nice about lessons learned while I was on vacation.

Which would you prefer?

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