Vacation Lessons #1 – Dogged Determination

4 thoughts on “Vacation Lessons #1 – Dogged Determination”

  1. Agreed, there are certainly a lot of people who see pets as possessions (or worse, accessories) rather than members of the family.

    That said, as a dog owner and working where I do, I can tell you while you are no doubt very responsible with your dog, many people aren’t. Hotel owners can’t tell which dog owners will look after their pets, and which will leave their separation-anxiety-stricken wolfhound in the room all day while they sightsee. A smart hotel ought to offer a pet-sitting service, for which I’m sure many would gladly pay.

  2. Funny, we also talked about how it would be great if hotels also offered pet-sitting.

    Free Entreprenurial Idea: If you live in a touristy place, start up a pet-sitting service that will also do pick up and drop off from your local hotels that accept pets!

  3. -j: that’s what the pet fee is for. Consider it the hotel’s insurance policy: they charge $10-30 per night for a pet, and when a bad owner’s pet goes insane and trashes the room, they charge the owner the deductible. I’d gladly pay because I know how my pet will behave.

    Owners of separation-anxiety-stricken wolfhounds can choose to buy pet-room-insurance (and risk paying the deductible); or they can leave Fido at home and save some cash; or they can get a kennel.

    I don’t much care how bad pet owners deal with their bad pets, because ultimately I believe they’re the exception, and are quite rare. You hear a lot about them, of course, because what’s newsworthy about a well-behaved pet?

  4. Kudos to you or I guess the boy for saying what he did to the person with the unruly kids. Too funny!!

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