Canister of DOOM!

Remember the cranky from a couple days ago? I decided to hedge my bets on it being brought about by the dog hair thing.

I’m pretty sure I was right.

I went out after work the next day and purchased a brand! new! blue! Hoover EmPower, and proceeded to do exactly what the box said – just add dirt!

That picture of the canister up there was what we sucked up, just in the BEDROOM. A measly 200 of our 1000 square foot mostly carpeted home. After swiping over only about six inches of the floor, Neil actually asked why the hoover people would put a ball of twine in the canister.

I’m pretty sure that was about the time I flipped out and screamed “DOG HAIR DOG HAIR DOG HAIR! DO YOU SEE NOW WHY I HAVE BEEN COMPLAINING ABOUT THE DOG HAIR??!?!?!?! OMGWTFBBQ!!!!1111ELEVEN!”

And to address Brigette’s query on another one of the flickr photos (oh yes, there’s more evidence of the grossness!) – we DO clean. It’s just that my previous vacuum sucks. Or doesn’t, as the case may be. You see, it was a hand-me-down from my parents. All I really remember about it is that when they moved into a new house in 1993, they were really excited about having a built-in vacuum system, since that unit (13 years ago already) was horrible and dying.

I really should’ve replaced it loooooong ago, but when you’re a student, then paying off student loans, there are always more exciting things to spend $150 on than cleaner floors in a rental apartment.

However, when you’re in the throes of domesticity in your mid-20’s, few things bring greater joy. Especially when they come with a hearty helping of boyfriend directed “I TOLD YOU SO!”

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