Hello. My you look lovely today! Your hair is so shiny, and have you lost weight?

I know. I haven’t updated in a while, so here’s a summation life in recent days, in bullet points, since nothing has been exciting enough to write about on its own:

  • Unpacking is FINALLY finished. We’ve purged and scrubbed and hung pictures and finally made the place really feel like home. About frickin’ time, considering we moved in on May 1st. I started taking pictures of the spanky new digs, however the camera battery died, and in the time it took to charge, the apartment once again looks like a bomb of dirty laundry, dishes and dog hair went off.
  • While dropping off my keys to my old landlord, I stopped off at the mall in the former ‘hood and who did I run into but my ex-boyfriend. This marks the 2nd time I’ve seen him in as many years since we broke up. The first time I saw him, about a year ago, he looked like he’d gotten his shit together. This time, he’s resumed being a big fat (literally – oy) sack of messy whose life still isn’t really in order, and I took a (probably unhealthily) large amount of pleasure in the fact that my decision to end our four year relationship was validated in the 5 minutes we spent catching up.
  • The wedding Neil and I went to on the weekend was lovely and gorgeous and fabulous. For those keeping track, I wore the existing black dress – not because I decided to forego buying a new one, but because despite multiple shopping trips, I found NOTHING suitable that was any sort of flattering. Pictures forthcoming here. Being at such a pretty and romantic wedding also revived my excitement for participating in Brigette & Markus’s ceremony at the end of the month. Doubly so now that I know with the new job I won’t be worked into the ground and/or too stressed to enjoy it!
  • About that work thing – my last day at the Spelunking Club is this Friday. It’s been a little over a year of much on-the-job as well as personal growth. That said, I’m glad to be moving on to something that’s more in line with the direction of what I’d rather be doing with my time, and of a slightly less solitary nature. The new job holds the exciting title of “Business Consultant,” which is ubiquitous enough that I’m not afraid the google-bots will pick up my new employer (which was the reason for identifying my previous job as a coordinator of Spelunkers). That said, I still probably won’t write about it much.
  • I’m taking a much-needed week of Vacation between jobs, so from the 12th through the 18th, Neil and I will be taking a circle tour up the sunshine coast, across to Vancouver Island, up to Sayward, over to Tofino, and perhaps home through the gulf islands if we have time. Recommendations of stuff to see, things to do, and places to stay are welcome and encouraged. We will have the dog with us. No, we have not booked accommodation in Tofino (or anywhere) yet. We plan on “playing it by ear” and stopping to sleep whenever and wherever we are tired, and staying places as long or short as we feel is warranted at the time. Yes, we are stupid. No, we don’t care.
  • My long weekend was nice, even though I’ve felt like a sack of nasty for most of it. I’m not sure what I ate or drank, or where I went wrong, but the 2:30am attack of nausea every night for the past four nights can feel free to fuck right off any time now. I’m hoping it can just be atributed to stress, and that the vacation will help things – though feel free to leave any home remedies in the comments. Bonus points for suggestions that include eating Kraft Dinner and having my feet massaged.
  • And that’s pretty much got you caught up. Anything you think I forgot? How are all of you doing?

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    4 thoughts on “Bullet

    1. Gwen

      I’ve been out dress-shopping, too, to attend a wedding. These days it’s not bad body days plaguing me but just crappy dresses out there. Yech. =(

    2. April

      Nothing is better than running into an ex who hasn’t improved his life at all since you broke up and in fact has gotten worse. Sometimes I seek out my ex who lives in town just to make myself feel better. Is that wrong?

    3. Chris Watkiss

      I don’t know whether you’ve found a place yet for Powell River, but our current guests recommended http://www.adventureb-b.com.
      We’re busy trying to finish some renovations before the crowd comes in a week. Good news – we’re now a Tourism BC Approved Accommodation! We applied last week to meet the deadline for inclusion in their 2007 printed booklet, and had a surprise inspection Sunday from a lovely woman from Port Hardy who passed us with a surprisingly short list of things to fix up. So now we’ll get lots of publicity from them, and be able to put up the nice Tourism Approved signs and have a highway sign pointing to us as well.
      Albert had his surgery for the broken hip in Comox Thursday, and is recovering gradually. Maggie and Madhavan went to see him yesterday and say he’s looking pretty rough. Jill and Renee are going to go down there today to see him, and maybe visit again on Wednesday since Renee has a dentist appointment then which will consume lots of our time. Meantime I’ll be stuck at home renovating. We’ve built some more cabinets to match Luke’s kitchen cabinets in the serving room, and I’m installing a full kitchen in there for self-catering guests to use so they don’t have to go into the commercial kitchen. Then I have to work on a drying room downstairs so the tree planters have somewhere to air their clothes in the wet weather. With luck it will all be finished in time! See some pics on our website, http://www.mthkusamviewlodge.com.
      Looking forward to seeing you both next weekend.
      Love, Chris

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