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  1. I’ve been out dress-shopping, too, to attend a wedding. These days it’s not bad body days plaguing me but just crappy dresses out there. Yech. =(

  2. Nothing is better than running into an ex who hasn’t improved his life at all since you broke up and in fact has gotten worse. Sometimes I seek out my ex who lives in town just to make myself feel better. Is that wrong?

  3. I don’t know whether you’ve found a place yet for Powell River, but our current guests recommended http://www.adventureb-b.com.
    We’re busy trying to finish some renovations before the crowd comes in a week. Good news – we’re now a Tourism BC Approved Accommodation! We applied last week to meet the deadline for inclusion in their 2007 printed booklet, and had a surprise inspection Sunday from a lovely woman from Port Hardy who passed us with a surprisingly short list of things to fix up. So now we’ll get lots of publicity from them, and be able to put up the nice Tourism Approved signs and have a highway sign pointing to us as well.
    Albert had his surgery for the broken hip in Comox Thursday, and is recovering gradually. Maggie and Madhavan went to see him yesterday and say he’s looking pretty rough. Jill and Renee are going to go down there today to see him, and maybe visit again on Wednesday since Renee has a dentist appointment then which will consume lots of our time. Meantime I’ll be stuck at home renovating. We’ve built some more cabinets to match Luke’s kitchen cabinets in the serving room, and I’m installing a full kitchen in there for self-catering guests to use so they don’t have to go into the commercial kitchen. Then I have to work on a drying room downstairs so the tree planters have somewhere to air their clothes in the wet weather. With luck it will all be finished in time! See some pics on our website, http://www.mthkusamviewlodge.com.
    Looking forward to seeing you both next weekend.
    Love, Chris

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