Not Old, Just Older

I had a strange fixation when I was a teenager about turning twenty-six. For some reason I always thought that was when life would really start for me. I imagined myself living in a great little apartment either downtown or near the beach, being successful in a career I loved and in a relationship with a man I was crazy about (and who was just as crazy about me). I longed to be old enough to be taken seriously, but still young enough to not take myself seriously.

Apparently I’m either clairvoyant, or that’s the power of visioning and positive thinking for you. Though truth be told I never actually believed my fantasy world could be a reality.

In any case, the first few days of 26-ness have been great.

I had a few dinners with various friends and family, was spoiled just the right amount with cash & gifts, including the Chicago Manual of Style from the parentals and some sparkly trinkets from the boy. Good to see people are starting to take me seriously when I claim that my favourite colour is Diamonds and my birthstone is Money.

One of the aforementioned dinners was at Cassis Bistro – you can read my foodie review at Metroblogging Vancouver.

And one of the best presents of all – today is day 1 of the mere 10 left I’ll be working at the Spelunking Club. It was time for a change, and it appears that this’ll be a good one, allowing me to do a lot more writing and productive problem-solving and a lot less putting out fires and pandering to people’s personal agendas.

Of course the next birthday is a big one – I’ll turn 27 on 27-07-2007. If any numerologists out there want to give me any predictions for what that year will hold, bring ’em on.

In the meantime, I’ll try to enjoy 26 as much as my 16-year-old self hoped I would.

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3 thoughts on “Not Old, Just Older

  1. Gwen

    So that jewelry link takes you to a pretty front page with a big diamond ring. Is that what he got you?? Do spill the details on the pretty trinket! =)

  2. lindsey

    Jen – your title should have be “not old, just wiser” i think that we all get to that point where it all just starts to make sense! Good on you and best wishes for a great year! it’s my champagne bday this year – 25th on the 25th of august.. so if you can share some of that “good stuff” i’ll be happy to take some of it off your hands! 🙂

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