Step by Step (oh baby)

Step 1 (we can have lots of fun… ok – I’ll stop now….)

1. Arrive on a trpoical island, exhausted and beaten down by airport asshattery and airplane air, grab a beer and head straight for the beach to watch the sunset. Say “screw the camera” because there will be more of them to photograph. Eat dinner, watch hockey streamed from Sportnet (hooray for slingbox) and fall alseep before the end of the first period.

2. Bake in the sun all morning. Take lunch break. Go shopping all afternoon. Burn. Oops. Return with large bottle of aloe and hide from the sun for the rest of the afternoon. Drinks at bar across the street. Sleep.

3. Bake in the sun all morning again (with liberally applied sunscreen this time). Lunchbreak. Realize that leaving the island tomorrow sounds like the least fun ever, and spending 2 days in Miami alone isn’t sounding so hot either. Contact airline and extend trip by 52 hours.

Steps to come: A sunset horseback ride tonight, diving tomorrow, and hopefully trips out to stingray city, hell, and the turtle farm. Frankly, my hometown peeps are lucky I’m coming home at all.

Obligatory mush: Of course it’s all a bit bittersweet without someone special here to share it with, but that’s all the more reason to come back!

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6 thoughts on “Step by Step (oh baby)

  1. -j.

    *doesn’t get past the 1st line of the entry*

    Well, there’s no #$@&ing way I’m getting THAT song out of my head now. Thanks a lot πŸ˜‰

  2. vio

    needs a holiday!£!
    it’s ikky in london.. probably not much unlike vancouver.. only up part of living here is there’s occasionally cheap flights to greece πŸ™‚

  3. Lovewine

    I remember you leaving a comment on my blog about going to the DR and how you were a little envious….well I’m returning the same feelings. Sounds like your having a wonderful time.

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