9 thoughts on “now you may commence the hate

  1. -j.

    “Hate” is such a strong word…let’s settle on “enviously resent” 😉 Swimming with dolphins is one of my life-dreams…I want a full report!!

  2. `jen

    all this “hate”… “don’t hate” and i’m getting confused! 😉

    and that photo looks better than any date i’ve had in the past 6 months!

  3. peechie Post author

    I’m at the Miami Seaquarium for that one – it’s really quite cool.

    -j: we’ll have to get together sometime soon after I get back, and I’ll tell you all about it!

    ‘jen: As for the dolphin kissing – so sweet, so soft, I may never go back to people!

  4. NetChick

    I really enjoyed the Seaquarium when I was there last — Especially the (oh no, what are those things called…?) …Manatees! Neat animals.

  5. Sue

    Damn, I gotta say this because nobody else pointed it out, but you look SUPER hot in a wetsuit. Why don’t you wear those around the club?

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