3 thoughts on “Conversation”

  1. Seeing how I’m doing my seventh at the moment, being involved with musicals doesn’t mean you’re gay! Right?


    *shuffles feet nervously*

  2. Not being disingenuous here, but do you know what you *do* want? I don’t recall seeing a post about that 🙂 You deserve better than just “the best of what’s out there”.

    And Chris: of course not. It only means that if you’re male.

  3. Amateur theatre? Where the heck does your friend live? Indeed, as a occasional producer of amateur theatre, I can assure you that the gay/straight ratio is, at best, 50-50. Worse in musicals.

    So, better than figure skating, but probably not worth your time. And you may not be competing for men in the amateur theatre, but you’ll be competing for roles–there are a zillion aspiring actresses out there (and far fewer aspiring actors).

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