Holy Thursday

Today is a very important day. It marks the first evening I’ve spent at home in more than a week! Despite the fact that in mid-September I was assuring myself that finally October would be a time to relax it’s now November and uh.. where did October go? Oy.

At least I don’t have any delusions that November is going to be any less crazy than October has been. I’ve already got plans for four of the next five weekends. Two of those involve leaving town, though only one of them will be a relaxing getaway kind of leaving. With the holidays coming up, I can’t see my free time getting any more bountiful any time soon.

So again I say thank god for the TiVo! Except it’s having a few issues. The channel changing doesn’t seem to be set up properly. Every time I ask it to record something on Channel 9, it never quite makes it there, and ends up recording on whatever channel the TV was last on. It also records the Daily Show on channel 57, as well as two other things it calls the Daily Show which are actually something on the French channel (7) and a cartoon on the Knowledge Network (5). Very odd. I may run it through setup again to see if that helps. My current setup is using the Shaw Digital Cable box (Motorola DCT2000) with the IR channel changing (serial didn’t work when I tried it the first time). If you’ve had experience with this, comment or drop me a line.

I still haven’t quite gotten the hang of TV On Demand though. I find myself waiting until “commercial breaks” to do things, or watching commercials when I don’t have to. But it’s already changed the way I think about TV. I haven’t yet purchased the wireless network adapter (Christmas present anyone?) so I can use it with the TiVo online service, but I can imagine my experience will only improve from there.

All I need now is for Ray to pack up and move on (he’s still planning on a late-December departure) and I can watch TiVo in my underwear as loud as I want to, with no thought to anyone else coming home or being bothered.

And for those who are wondering (and I know you are, because some of you have asked!), no I don’t regularly lick the TiVo any more. I do, however, blow it kisses every now and again…

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One thought on “Holy Thursday

  1. ritchie

    yea, actually my tivo is a bit off when recording channels using the IR-IR thingy-ma-bob too. but i find duct taping the leads help out a lot. email me or find me online, should be able to help ya set up.

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