What on earth will I ever do!?!

The talented and charming Tony Pierce will be gracing our fine, fine city this weekend. He’s also been gracious enough to invite one and all to join him at the Granville Room this evening for a blogger/buzznetter meetup.

On one side of the coin, I’m so excited that I’ve just had an opportunity handed to me wrapped in gilt paper to shake hands with the man himself and thank him for writing. On the flip-side I’ve decided I’m suddenly shy for some reason.

What do you say to the Blogger/Buzznet champion of the world? “Hi, my name is Jen and I use WordPress and Flickr. I dig your shit, so thanks for sharing and keep on keepin’ on dude.” Cuz that’s about all I got.

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3 thoughts on “Dilemma

  1. Jay

    Just go have a good time with the local blogger crew and see what the night brings. Life is about experiences & being – not regrets & feelings! 😉

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