Friday Morning Musings

My blog is still broken. You’ll notice that trying to leave a comment gives you very strange error messages. As far as I can tell, something is borked in the MySQL database. Offers of help may garner you dinner, or drinks, or a hockey ticket – so step on up my geeky peeps! Update: Fixinated! Thanks Chris & Donna!

Today, I am a fashion disaster. A number of friends have asked me (and have been very pleased with the results I must say!) to play “What Not to Wear” with them – and if they saw me today, they’d stop, and perhaps turn and run screaming.

From top to toe: Navy blue track jacket with white and green piping (think Canucks vintage colours). Mint green v-necked shirt. Black yoga pants with pink stripe down the side. Grey ankle socks. White & Blue runners.

Aside from the neutral socks and runners, I’m fairly certain that NOTHING matches ANYTHING else.

And this is how I left the Yaletown condo I’m housesitting this morning. I’m pretty sure the entire neighbourhood saw me, and let out a collective sigh. If I actually lived there, my citizenship may have been revoked.

Of course, I couldn’t start a proper yuppie morning without a proper yuppie breakfast: Coffee and Fruit Cup from $tarbucks. I’d like to inform you all that Maple Lattes are the new crack. At least until the Gingerbread Lattes come out again.

I also discovered a great way to make sure I get to work much earlier than I have been lately: make it ridiculously expensive to park where I’m sleeping starting at about 7:00am, so I have no choice but to drive to work where the parking is free, instead of forking out another $3 to stay in bed or muse over my Cheerios for an extra hour.

FYI: Mel & Chris – you are now out of Cheerios.

By the way, in case you were wondering, nothing says GOOD MORNING, FUCKER! like a cat repeatedly leaping from a shelf 4 feet above you directly onto your head at 5:30am.

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6 thoughts on “Friday Morning Musings

  1. Chris

    I love that cat ;). Usually she misses my head, though.

    I’ve worked a little bit with MySQL professionally. If you let me know the error message, or have a shell account that I can poke around with, I might be able to help.

  2. Chris

    Okay, having seen the error message, I’m not sure it’s a MySQL problem. Nothing database-related was mentioned, it seems to be an http header issue caused by faulty php. I’ll investigate a bit more.

    So, I can’t get at that php file because your apache is set up to automatically execute php files. Would you be able to email it to me? (wp-comments-post.php)

  3. Darren

    Living the Yaletown life, eh? I’d say we should have coffee, but I can’t afford to be seen with any exiles.

    Actually, I just can’t address that hour of the morning.

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