Ridiculously High Standard #10 – I am not the sum of my blog posts

7 thoughts on “Ridiculously High Standard #10 – I am not the sum of my blog posts”

  1. … *snicker*

    Well played. It’s not that it’s nice to do such things to people, but when people simply fail to understand that things written online are not the sum of who you are they become free game.

    Assumptions are for suckers anyway.

  2. [chuckle]

    What’s worse? After being asked by a guy if I had a blog, and I saying ‘yes, but I’d really *prefer* that you don’t seek it out’ — And then find out that he has. And, like your example, wouldn’t stop talking about it. Christ guy, those entries don’t epitomize my entire life. They are thoughts I had at the moment.

    I’ve become a firm believer that until I’m in a serious relationship, my dates will not be welcome on my blog. Period.

  3. “Looks like an accountant”? As an accountant, I can understand the appeal 😀

    I don’t own a blog, but it sounds like a common problem that those who do have to deal with people who assume that they know the blogger inside and out as a result of reading a few thoughts. Ridiculous…

  4. Great advice! I just started a blog a week ago and am not letting anyone I know in on it (except the buddy who set it up – but it’s a pretty safe bet I won’t be dating him). mmmmm….secret blog.

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