11 thoughts on “Imagery”

  1. I am ashamed to say the first image that came into my mind was of Destiny’s Child because I thought of that song Independant Woman…I think its time I stopped watching so much Muchmusic..hahahaha

  2. Well the first thing I thought of was the American flag, and then I thought about the Independance Day song by Martina McBride, but since you said to discard those thoughts, I don’t have any left.

  3. What’s with all the crappy American stuff? I thought about the newspaper that Damian (The Lone Banana) edits. Maybe that’s just because I was reading ‘Nee’s blog right before I came to this one. Anyways, it’s an independent, progressive community newspaper.

  4. You must really despise your neighbors to the south. Sad. We’re not all that bad. Stereotyping is so dangerous. My stereotype of Canadians has always been something along the lines of intelligent, compassionate, low-key type of people. Of course, you’ve blown that all to hell.

  5. Nina: simmah down! all I asked for were images that didn’t include american symbolsim. I never said the symbolism was a bad thing – just not what I was looking for!

    Of course, if I were going to stereotype americans (which I’m not!), my new word, based on your comment is “egocentric”

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