Ode to a Roommate

Things have settled in now, and I thought it was worth mentioning that I’ve actually grown quite fond of my roommate. While he’s still kinda nutso, it’s an endearing kinda nutso. My kinda nutso.

A few recent incidents that make me smile:

•When he was loading the dishwasher, he asked me to help him with the detergent cap, stating “Uh, Jen? How do you open this? I think it’s Ray-Proof!”

•When he was leaving town to go to a stag, I said “Have fun!” and he answered “Oh I’m sure I will! I’m so conservative, and the guys I’m going with are really pretty crazy – they draw me out of my comfort zone a little and I get to experience I lot of stuff I wouldn’t have the balls to try on my own.”

•I’d been hoping a finicky belt on my car would last through the weekend – it didn’t. So my car was towed to a shop in Coquitlam (about a 20 minute car-ride, or 45 minute bus trip away), because BCAA only covers tows up to 5k or to the closest shop. I had to drop off the keys & sign the paperwork for it to be fixed this morning, and he not only drove me out there, but waited around for 20 minutes while I talked with the shop guy, and drove me back home.

Snaps for Ray everyone! I think he’s a keeper!

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