Concert Review: Foo Fighters with Sloan and The Constantines

5 thoughts on “Concert Review: Foo Fighters with Sloan and The Constantines”

  1. I caught the same tour in Edmonton last night and Sloan did a pretty good job of getting the crowd going. I’m not a huge Sloan fan but knew almost all the songs. As for FF, they were outstanding. I’m pretty sure the setlist is the same throughout this tour – and I also LOVED the lone Grohl version of Everlong. And now only 4 weeks until Pearl Jam. Between the two shows, it’s like the whole Seattle thing all over again!

  2. I’ve always heard Sloan is great. I know they’re talented musicians but I have no concept of how they are live. Glad Foo was good!!

  3. In all fairness, the Vancouver show was the first night of the tour, so maybe Sloan’s game just wasn’t on yet. I’d be willing to give them another chance.

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