Thiiiiiiiiiiiiis Much

Damn. It’s like This Fish has a probe in my brain or something – lately she seems to post the most oddly relevant things. And puts them into words so much more beautiful that I could ever hope to write.

What do I mean to you? It’s not something we’re cool about asking each other. It’s something we’re supposed to read between the lines, figure out through the context of conversations, emails and facial expressions.

You make my life better.
I think you’re funny.
We are temporary.

An unreturned phone call and sideways glances may read, You’re replaceable. While a tender pat on the head from the same person can say, To the moon and back.

I wish it were always as easy as asking. I wish the answers were obvious. What I have learned is that it takes a great deal of inner peace and acceptance to turn down the noise and be open to the answer – because when you least expect it, it will whisper quietly in your ear, and tell you everything you never knew that you already knew.

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One thought on “Thiiiiiiiiiiiiis Much

  1. `jen

    our brains must be in sync or something, because i almost posted the exact same quote on my site.

    my problem is that i like thinking i know the answer – even if i’m wrong.

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