Morning Observations

1. The Car is being inspected today. Please send her some good juju so I don’t have to feel guilty about buying her anyway if I find out something is terribly wrong (because I just can’t go through all of this again).

2. Despite the awkwardness in heels (because really, even real women have trouble with them), the freakishly large hands, and the adam’s apple, that tranny on the skytrain this morning might’ve passed for a woman if only he’d shaved this morning.

3. All of those free-newspaper hander-outers that accost me every morning can go straight to hell. I see you seeing me, with that glint of recognition in your eyes -you obviously know who I am. And I ALWAYS politely decline the pre-litter that you’re waving in my face. Isn’t that a hint? I didn’t want the paper today, I didn’t want it yesterday, I won’t want it tomorrow. Though if this continues I may take the paper one day just so I can BEAT YOU SENSELESS with it.

4. I got in to work this morning, and had NO new voicemail. I’m taking this as the first sign of the apocalypse.

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4 thoughts on “Morning Observations

  1. gillian

    I thought I was the only person who was fighting an inner wish to hurt the newspaper hander-outers (good title, by the way). Well, all of them except the hot Metro guy at Dunsmuir and Hornby. Mmm.

  2. NetChick

    “the hot Metro guy” — If he’s the one I’ve seen, he’s not my type 🙂 But, I agree with Jen… Those people need to stop pushing their crap on those that don’t want it! Sheesh.

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