Once a cheater….

June Haircut

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I did it. I cheated on Olga. With Lisa.

It’s not my fault! Olga wasn’t available. I was tired of her technique. Things just weren’t fresh ane exciting anymore. I could hardly see her, and when I did, I didn’t feel loved anymore. We were in a rut.

And along came Lisa. With her perky personality and edgy style – how could I say no?

I’m gonna have to dump Olga. I don’t know how to tell her… There’s no way I can keep it from her. Maybe if I don’t call she’ll think I moved?

I feel so dirty inside.

If loving this hair is wrong – I DON’T WANNA BE RIGHT!

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5 thoughts on “Once a cheater….

  1. knemesis

    Oddly, this is something most people feel bad about — cheating on their hairstylist. But what else are you supposed to do when your stylist gets stale? She probably needs the wake-up call, and it probably isn’t happening to just you. Poor Olga’s clients!

    (. . . i want this to never happen to me. Education. Constant learning. Daring to take chances and suggesting change to my clients, and never becoming too sure of myself. May i always remember that.)

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