Ray v.2.0

12 thoughts on “Ray v.2.0”

  1. I can see the shower off thing (while soaping) but burning your bicep whilst ironing ? That one’s a little more baffling.

    You sure know how to pick ’em Jen.


  2. I’m all for buying the personal hygeine products in bulk, assuming there’s room. My wife is (and my ex-girlfriend was) inexplicably opposed to this practice. Maybe it’s got to do with the average woman’s fleating loyalty to hygeine products?

    On the shower, I expect he’s just conserving water.

  3. Seriously Jen…thanks for the laughs. I would have pegged the shower gaps as water conservation but as you pointed out he’s not too bright so I somehow doubt it. I’m still giggling…please keep the lists coming.

  4. I’m taking a stab at saying that shower on/off, then lather, is a water conservation method. Although BC is fine, there are places that water is very expensive, and billed by volume.

  5. We’re billed .03 a gallon here, so yeah, I get wet, lather up, rinse off. I also turn the water off while brushing teeth and shaving. There’s a brick in the back of the toilet, and “if it’s yellow, let it mellow. If it’s brown, flush it down!” Aside from that, he sounds a bit freaky.

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