Loser Table

7 thoughts on “Loser Table”

  1. I work in the area, but I take lunch late, usually around 2pm …

    Gillian and Paul also work in the area, and Ross. Maybe we could arrange a blogger lunch? I might be able to squeak leaving at 1:30 so you all don’t starve …

  2. Even though I don’t work down there, I will attempt to find a day when I can come down and entertain you. This working for myself thing isn’t as flexible as I’d like it to be. I’d like to say it’s my fantabulous work ethic, but it’s really just fear that I won’t make enough money to continue paying my rent, and the A-man and I will have to move into a cardboard box under the spelunking clubhouse that gets flooded every time the, uh, spelunking fluids come in.

    That could be really disgusting.

  3. I am sometimes downtown during that time, but I only get 30 minutes for lunch, poo. Sometimes I don’t start work til late afternoon, though, so I could lunch before work. I will call you!

  4. Starting next week I have Thursdays off. Then I can have lunch with you on any given Thursday 🙂 You pick the place.

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