6 thoughts on “Things I love about my Job”

  1. Heh, the bar of “NSFW” has been rising so high at work that you’d have to actively try to get in trouble.

    Example 1: on the internal IRC channel, there’s a channel called #substanceabuse

    Example 2: The company photo-scavenger hunt (done in-office on a Wednesday) was preceeded by a kegger. It included photos like “your team with 10 bongs in the background” and “your team in a porn store”.

    Example 3: One of the senior developers bought and brought in a cockbong (a bong shaped like a huge cock) and had it on a desk for a few days, as we had a running joke going about it.

    Of course, having worked in a job where everything was strictly monitored, I can understand the freedom that a little msn’ing can bring.

  2. Oh, and I have to quote one of our HR people:

    “We’d rather be a really fun place to work and potentially face a lawsuit than be a stuffy, boring place. Besides, we have great lawyers.”

  3. the last place I worked at was a locked down corporate sweatshop. So I’m pretty pleased to be somewhere with a lot more fun and freedom 🙂

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