I have always been a believer in things happening for a reason.

The same day I was starting my new job, my ex-co-workers were finding out that their contracts (which expire at the end of this month) are not being renewed.

Why yes, that is a horseshoe up my hoo-hah… thanks for asking.

Seriously though, I do feel pretty bad for a couple people – this will make it a very tough summer for them. But they’re smart cookies, and this job was WAY below them, and I’m sure they’ll land on their feet just fine. I really hope the ones who were settling like I was find a job that’s more challenging and rewarding – and that they realize there’s more to work and life than a cubicle and extended health benefits and two weeks of vacation.

And this is the part where I reveal what a terrible person I am:

There was one person there who wasn’t very bright, and I didn’t really get along with her – being that her biggest talents are brown-nosing and tossing her ample bosom around (the girl can not take half a step without jiggling SOMETHING), and generally making doe eyes and kissy lips into the glass ceiling that I’d really rather smash over her face… but I digress…

Anyway, apparently this girl is just a MESS because she has no idea what she’ll do now, considering she’s got no education and just some basic secretarial skills. Her work experience consists of this job she was just let go from, and McDonald’s. She won’t be living in any sort of financial hardship, since she still lives at home with her parents – but I would’ve paid money to have seen her face when she got the news…. It’ll also be interesting to see where she ends up next (my guess is retail – because while she’s not ugly, she’s not pretty enough to be one of those executive assistants that can get away with having no real skills).

My ex-workplace is now the 2nd places in as many years that I’ve worked where things have shut down and everyone’s been laid off. It seems to be quite typical these days, and frankly it’s getting a bit disconcerting. If this doesn’t slow down, I may pull a Cocktail and abandon the rat-race for a cabana on a small tropical island somewhere – though really, I’m about as close as I can get to that right here. As long as the sun comes out again soon!

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