That’s Hot

After days of hearing the hype, I just watched the Paris Hilton Carl’s Jr. commercial.


For those not in the know, the commercial consists of Paris in a Bikini, washing a Bentley and chowing on a Carl’s Jr. burger of some sort.

She’s a pretty girl and all, but falls far short of that porn star look – which is what the commercial was based on. I guess she’s kindof necessary, since the tagline is “that’s hot” – but Carmen Electra, Jenna Jamieson, or Pam Anderson would’ve done a far superior job. Paris just ends up looking like a baby giraffe getting its legs.

I guess the burger’s hot, but Paris, in that commercial, is not.

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6 thoughts on “That’s Hot

  1. Chris

    I’ve never considered Paris Hilton to be hot at all – the ultra-fake thing really isn’t my style. I see hotter girls walking down the street on a daily basis. Same goes for Pam Anderson, for that matter.

    This commercial is just another reason why I wish all advertising was text only. I would be much less pissed off at advertising in general if, for instance, this Carl’s Jr. ad was just a picture of the burger, with the words “This burger is spicy”.

  2. gillian

    She’s not on my if-I-were-a-lesbian list, but then I don’t find that lack of body fat appealing on anyone.

    I find her utterly strange. Given the amount of wealth she has, I don’t see why she has to act and dress like a whore. It’s not the sort of behaviour that requires a lot of money, after all.

  3. peechie Post author

    I wasn’t even talking about her looks so much in the entry, as the fact that she just looks awkward. I suppose with limbs that long it’s tough to be graceful.

  4. Devon

    “That’s hot” is something Paris says a LOT, which is why it’s her saying it, not someone else. It’s her catchphrase.

    That said, I agree with everything else. 🙂

  5. filmgoerjuan

    I think it’s more likely that Paris’ handlers are trying to spin “that’s hot” as being her catchphrase.

    In reality, the only reason she says it so much is because her parents never taught her that open flames can be dangerous.

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